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Back in 2003, Aditya Systems has stepped into the niche intending to provide modular and automated machines that can ease your cash management work. We serve our products under the brand name LADA. Our dedicated endeavours have accomplished our company recognition among the reliable Paper Shredding Machine Manufacturers in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

From Currency Counting Machine, Gold Purity Testing Machine, Paper Shredding Machine, Degausser to Note Sorting Machine, we have different models of the same available to suit varied customer demands. We apply our whole bag of tricks along with our experience to deliver solutions that give clients value for their money.

Counted among the best Paper Shredding Machines Exporters and Suppliers in India, we promise timely delivery and full-time customer support. Send us your enquiry or call now to get our assistance today. We’d be happy to help.


We take care of safe and timely transportation to offer great convenience to our customers.


We quote reasonable charges for our machines and provide them with value for money.


We are dedicated to design and deliver quality products that give customers value for their money.


We believe customer support never fails and we are dedicated to providing the same only.

Paper Shredding Machines

Paper Shredding Machines - Need Of The Hour

Paper Shredding Machines or Paper Shredders are the way more important than you think they are. These are designed to shred or dispose-of confidential papers into fine pieces. Disposing of sensitive and confidential information correctly is important, according to law, after being used for where it is made for. Therefore, the machine becomes the need of the hour.

The machine is known for its friendly and hassle-free performance, advanced features, superior quality and competitive market prices. We have the best you have asked for and promise that it’ll not disappoint you in any manner. You can explore our range and make your choice today.

Manage Your Business In A Smart Way
Manage Your Business In A Smart Way

Manage Your Business In A
Smart Way

If you are looking for office automated machines to manage most of your office work like cash counting, note sorting, paper shredding and more in an efficient manner, we have got the right solution for you. At Aditya Systems, we have the most advanced, modular and reliable machines available to fit your needs and serve you as expected. Check out the reasons to choose the same:

  • User-friendly design for easy interface
  • Robust construction for lasting performance
  • Premium quality for paramount support
  • Maintain the loyalty of our brand LADA
  • Designed to fit your budget

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Paper Shredding Machine

Paper Shredding Machine

Paper Shredding Machine also named as a paper shredder is a machine designed to cut the paper into either strips or fine particles.

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Currency Counting Machine

Currency Counting Machine

Currency Counting Machine also named as Note Counting Machine is designed to count money either stacks of banknotes or loose collections of coins.

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Gold Purity Testing Machine

Gold Purity Testing Machine

Checking or analyzing the purity of gold is important and therefore, Gold Purity Testing Machine has a huge demand in the gold sector.

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